Planning a thriving community

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At Amory, opportunity awaits for young families, couples, empty nesters, and investors alike.

Here, amidst beautiful neighbourhoods of like-minded people, you’ll find the canvas to craft your perfect home on spacious, sun-dappled land. Welcome to a community designed for those who seek not just a home, but a haven.

Located in the heart of Ripley, convenience seamlessly intertwines with daily life. Ripley Town Centre, a thriving hub of shops, services, and speciality retailers, is but a leisurely stroll away! But it’s the promise of what’s to come that has people really excited.

The Ripley Town Centre is set to grow enormously, with its immense range of dining, entertainment, retail and service options becoming a focal point for the entire region. At the centre of it all, the proposed future train station will deliver people from far and wide.

Beyond the urban hum, Amory offers sanctuaries of green open spaces and parks, each within arm’s reach. Here, you can unwind, walk the dog, or simply revel in nature’s serenity.

The Amory masterplan is a testament to thoughtful design, harmoniously integrating with existing amenities. It’s a promise of a thriving, enduring environment that will nurture the community for generations.

Discover the essence of Amory—a world where potential knows no limits, convenience seamlessly melds with daily life, and nature’s embrace is a step away. Welcome to a community crafted for those who seek not just a home, but a haven.