Meet the team behind Amory

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At SIG Group, we are more than just developers; we are community builders dedicated to creating thriving and prosperous neighbourhoods.

Our commitment is to deliver meticulously designed communities that cater to the well-being of our residents. The core of our mission is to build a heart in every community and create a better place to live.

We want our residents to feel the pulse of the community and immerse themselves in the heart of their neighbourhood. This essence defines the nature of a SIG community. Our unwavering focus on quality planning and design ensures that our community is connected, offering open spaces that bring our residents together.

At SIG, we believe in fostering a sense of home, belonging, and pride in every neighbourhood we create, ensuring that our residents feel connected, welcome, and at home. This commitment extends to every community we develop.

Amory stands as a shining example of SIG’s commitment to crafting communities that cater to the desires of our residents. The livability and walkable green spaces, the central park, a future green corridor, and the convenience of living within a well-connected community, next to the expanding Ripley Town Centre, collectively shape the promising future of Amory.

We are excited to share that we have received Development Approval for Amory, and our dedicated development team is actively collaborating with relevant authorities to facilitate approvals to initiate the initial construction at Amory. This significant milestone demonstrates SIG’s unwavering commitment to moving forward and building a vibrant and flourishing community.