Construction to begin at Amory – everything you need to know

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Construction to begin at Amory – everything you need to know

Exciting milestones are on the horizon at Amory, with the first steps being taken towards commencing construction of our Ripley community!

Tenders released for Stage 1 & 2 civil works

This month marks a significant milestone for our community, as we gear up to commence construction at Amory Ripley! To kick things off, we have initiated the tender process for Stage 1 and 2 civil works, ensuring that we find a construction partner who shares our dedication to excellence and quality.

Additionally, we are diligently working on obtaining the necessary compliance assessments from council to ensure our plans align with regulatory standards and community expectations. It’s all hands on deck as we prepare to embark on this transformative journey!

Looking ahead, we anticipate appointing a contractor for the civil works within the next month, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter. With the commencement date for civil works on the horizon, we are eager to witness the progress and growth of our community unfold before our eyes.

As we embark on this journey of transformation and growth, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our community for their ongoing support and enthusiasm. Together, we are shaping the future of Amory Ripley, a place of unlimited possibilities!

Entrance statement designs revealed

Construction to begin at Amory – everything you need to know

We are also delighted to unveil the concepts for Amory’s entrance statement, a defining feature that embodies the unique look and feel of the estate.

Crafted by the talented landscape architects at Saunders Havill Group, the design captures the essence of Amory with its timeless appeal and premium aesthetics. Using a palette of neutral and copper tones, complemented by native flora such as Lilly Pilly, Coastal Rosemary and Wild Iris, the entrance statement stands as a symbol of our commitment to quality and natural beauty.

Located at the intersection of Main Street and Ripley Loop Road, work on the entrance is set to commence within Stage 1 this year. We cannot wait to see this vision come to life and welcome visitors and residents alike with its elegance and charm.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring our vision to life and be sure to follow Amory on Instagram and Facebook.