Built to last: How to build a quality home in 2024

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Building a new home is quite the journey to embark on! It can be exciting, a little time consuming and in the end, very rewarding.

Since it’s likely one of the biggest decisions in your life, it’s important to ensure you’re set up for success. With some clever planning and research, building your dream home is absolutely within reach.

So, how can we ensure our home remains future-proof? It starts with selecting the right block of land, embracing sustainable design principles, and making informed decisions when choosing a builder.

Before you get started

One of the best tips for building a quality and affordable home is first to get a good understanding of your budget.

Here’s where homebuyers should turn to the experts. It can be helpful to speak with a mortgage provider to learn what your realistic borrowing capacity looks like before you get started.

From there, understand the difference between your ‘must haves’ and your ‘nice to haves’. For example, if cooking and entertaining are really important to you, invest more in your kitchen and less in other areas. Perhaps you don’t need the really expensive basins in your bathroom, for example.

Taking the time to do your research is vital and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can also explore what could be completed after your handover and ask if your builder will allow provisions to do so.

While you may need to spend more money eventually, it will give you more time to save to get to that next step. For example, adding feature lights or decorative wall panelling, or more high-tech home security systems.

Choosing your block of land

Selecting a block of land to accommodate a new house isn’t always about price; it’s about finding the best block for you.

Firstly, get the lay of the land, literally! Consider the block size, orientation and topography of the land. Is the block flat, or is there a natural slope that needs to be considered in the build? Knowing all this will ensure you’re prepared for any potential construction hurdles that may arise.

And when it comes to size, you’ll find a variety of lot sizes at Amory averaging around the 400m2 mark. This size block comes with its own set of perks, first and foremost being its low maintenance requirements and lower price point. This will allow you more time for the things that you love! Additionally, being close to local amenities enhances your lifestyle, providing convenience right at your doorstep.

Selecting a home design

One of the most exciting aspects of building a new home is that you get to make your own mark. There is a fantastic array of home designs on the market, with different floorplans and structural options to choose from that will allow you to build your dream home.

Selecting a pre-designed layout or house & land packages also allows you to build faster and as cost-efficiently as possible.

Once again, doing your research is key.

Find out what is included in the base price and compare your builder’s range of homes to discover not only which design suits you best, but which range of inclusions offer the best value for money.

Investing in your home’s future

When planning your dream home, don’t forget to make it future proof! Solar energy, LED lights, insulation and glazing are among the many ways you can incorporate future savings when building a home.

Paying attention to the orientation of your home is also helpful for future cooling and heating cost savings.

For example, east and west-facing rooms receive the most exposure to the sun, so positioning main bedrooms or living areas in north-facing orientations will ensure plenty of natural light floods through without overheating the home.

Make the most of incentives and savings

With a big focus on housing affordability in recent years, governments across Australia have introduced grants and funding programs to help Australians buy or build a home.

For first-time buyers in Queensland, you will not pay any transfer duty if you are eligible to claim a first home concession and the home’s value is less than $500,000. There’s also a First Home Owner Grant which provides $30,000 for first homeowners buying or building a new home valued at less than $750,000.

The Federal Government also offers the First Home Guarantee Scheme, which is designed to help first-home buyers purchase their first property sooner with a deposit of as little as 5 per cent.

Be sure to look into these incentives and discuss your eligibility with your mortgage broker.

Furthermore, when comparing home designs, look into any savings or builder promotions that might also be available. Many builders offer rebates, referral rewards and incentives throughout the year, so it pays to shop around.

Ready to embark on your new home journey in 2024? Take the first step towards your unlimited future and register now to secure your piece of Amory. Explore available land options today and stay tuned for new releases coming soon!